Say Hello to Sherbert

Say Hello to the quite unique ‘Sherbert’.
Everyone wants something a little different – well here’s Sherbert.
Injured just after birth by Mom squashing him, Sherbert has a ‘Squished Face’. Everyone that meets him just falls in love with him & he has a great personality that just oozes love. He walks beautifully on the lead & is just waiting to slot into someones life.
At just 2 years old, we’ve said that when Sherbert was created, he didn’t even bother queuing in the ‘Good Looks’ queue BUT he made darn sure that he was at the front of the ‘Love’ queue.
Give us a call on 0121 426 4810 to arrange to visit Sherbert. He’s waiting for your call.



Meet ‘Paul’

Ladies & Gents, meet the lovely ‘Paul’.
Paul is a Big Brindle Boy. He’s a little timid until he gets to know you but then he just wants to be your best friend.
At 4 years old, Paul is wanting to settle down in a place that he can call his own with his own family. Paul’s little bit of individuality is his tail (or lack of it!!) as he damaged it & it had to be removed BUT what bit he’s got left wags with great gusto when he sees you!!! :o)
We think that a fairly quiet home environment would be good for Paul as he’s not keen on loud or sudden noises. So, if that describes your home & you’re looking for a new companion, then give us a call on 0121 426 4810 to arrange a visit to meet Paul.


Another Happy Homing – Meg

The lovely little Black Beauty ‘Meg’ has found herself a ‘Forever Home’. Just 3 days after meeting Meg at the weekends rainy awareness at Far Forest, Veronica collected her today and introduced her to her new home in Stourport on Severn.
Congratulations Meg & don’t forget to keep in touch with us :o)
If you fall head over heels for Black Beauties, give us a call on 0121 426 4810. We have more Black Beauties waiting patiently for ‘Forever Homes’.Meg Homed

Say ‘Hi’ to Striker

Meet ‘Striker’ who is currently at our Stourbridge kennel.
At 5 years old Black & White ‘Striker’ is very aptly named as he just loves to play football.
He’s a very friendly Hound but he’s not too accepting of less noble breeds, so would need to be with other Greys or an only dog.
He loves people & is fine with children as we proved at recent awareness events.
So, if you like the look of Striker, contact us on 0121 426 4810 to discuss.Striker

Say Hello to Avici

Say ‘Hello’ to our Big Black Beauty ‘Avici’.
Avici is just 5 years old (Birthday in August) & is currently at our Sutton kennel. An absolutely beautiful looking Hound but not good with loud sudden noises, so might benefit from a quieter home environment. Avici is fine with other dogs but we doubt will be cat friendly.
So, you like the look of Avici?? contact us on 0121 426 4810 to make an appointment to meet him.


Introducing Wiz

We’d like to introduce you to ‘Wiz’.

Wiz is a 3 year old Big Black Beauty and is currently at our Sutton kennel. He gets on really well with people & loves children. He likes to be in the company of other dogs, so might be best suited to someone who is adding to their ‘pack’ !!
He loves to play & comes to you with the added bonus of he clears up after himself.
When exercising the dogs in the ‘play paddock’, we normally leave Wiz till last as his party trick is he collects up all the soft toys & puts them back in the basket. We’re not sure if this will evolve to tidying the house for you but you never know??

Give us a call on 0121 426 4810 if you’d like to meet ‘tidy boy’ Wiz

Wiz (Geneva Wiz)

Hello, I’m Pearl.

Pearl is currently at our Stourbridge kennel. She is just 3 years old (Birthday in August). Her colours & markings are absolutely fabulous, a real ‘Head Turner’ when out walking with her. She’s quite a strong dog but is getting much better at walking on the lead as we are working with her & socialising her. She’ll make someone a fabulous pet, might it be you or your family?
Why not arrange to come along & meet Pearl by calling 0121 426 4810.


Homeless Hound ‘Carew’

The 3 B’s – Big, Bouncy, Brindle, that describes ‘Carew’.
At just 5 years old, Carew is a strong dog that really stands out in a crowd. He’ll make an excellent pet for a family who have the time to take him out for longer walks or maybe a large garden where he can ‘let off some of his steam’.
Older children would be good to play with Carew, he just loves to play.
Carew is good with other dogs but has not been Cat tested.
So, you’re interested?? Then call us on 0121 426 4810 and we’ll arrange for you to meet ‘Carew’.


Homeless Hound Bobby

Meet ‘Bobby’, another of our Big, Beautiful, Brindles.
At 4 years old, Bobby has been in a home before, so comes to you ‘housetrained’. He was returned to us through no fault of his but due to a change in ‘Family Circumstances’.
Bobby is a large dog, a real ‘head turner’ when you’re out walking with him and he has an excellent nature. While he’s been with us, he seems fine with other dogs but has not been ‘Cat tested’. When he’s been out with us at awareness events, he’s been a star and has reacted well to everyone.
Bobby needs to get back into a home environment, so if you’re the person or family for Bobby please call us on 0121 426 4810 and we’ll arrange for you to meet.


Say ‘Hello’ to Bob

Say ‘Hello’ to Bob, he’s currently our longest staying resident & has been overlooked time & time again. Bob has just had his 6th birthday & is waiting patiently for the right people to come along. He’ll make an amazing pet, we just need to find him the right family.
If you think you could be the ones & like the look of Bob, call us on 0121 426 4810 to discuss further.
Bob is waiting for your call