Rosie and Benny urgently need your help.

Twitter followers – Rosie and Benny urgently need your help.
We need to put the smiles back on these Hounds faces, as at the moment they are very confused.
Benny has featured on many of our posters, banners and Facebook ‘smile it’s Friday’ pictures because he normally has the biggest smile that you would ever dream a Greyhound could have.
Sadly, their smiles are gone because through absolutely no fault of their own they have found themselves back with us in HG RGT kennels.
Their previous owners work circumstances have changed considerably and they were having to be left for very long periods alone. Their owner has explored many avenues to resolve this, asking neighbours, friends and relatives to call in during the day but this has not been successful & very reluctantly, they have now decided that they can no longer keep Rosie and Benny.

Can we please ask that no negative comments are made regarding the previous owners decision, as in this case it is the most appropriate course of action for the Hounds welfare.

So, we now need to get Rosie and Benny back into the home environment as quickly as possible.
Rosie is a petite ‘Blue’, 8 years old girl and is very small by Greyhound standards.
Benny is a gorgeous ‘Black’, 6 years old boy and is large by Greyhound standards. When together, they look like Little and Large.
They are both house trained, quiet, laid back, good on their leads and love lots & lots of fuss.
These Hounds have been together for some time, so, we want to rehome them together. Homing 2 Hounds is always more difficult, but in this case we are determined not to split them up. They will come with their own beds & coats (things that are familiar to them) and will follow our normal Adoption Process.

So, if you think you’re able to and would like to help these Hounds in their moment of need, please contact us on 0121 426 4810 to discuss.
Thank You.

Rosie & Benny edited



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