What a busy weekend

Phew, what a busy busy weekend for HG RGT !!!!!!!!!…. But what a successful weekend !!!!!!
 Apart from the normal running of our 2 kennels, exercising & caring for over 30 of our gorgeous Hounds, we’ve seen 2 large successful events:

7 of our tireless volunteers took 5 Homeless & 3 adopted Hounds to the Great Greyhound Gathering in Nottingham. 2 of our Hounds (Carew & Striker) won rosettes in the show classes. There was lots of interest in our Homeless Hounds, with Beep Beep & Striker being reserved (pending home checks) & as an added bonus, our volunteers were commended by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain for the professionalism of our branch. 😃

Our Family Fun Day & Dog Show at Hall Green Stadium.

There was a really good turn out with approaching 400 supporters attending, more stalls then we’ve ever had before & masses of enquiries & interest in our Hounds generally, with Charlie, Maggie, Logan & Jess being reserved (pending home checks).

Wiz & Frazer were officially Homed & Joe, who was very recently returned to the Trust and had been placed in temporary Foster Care had his status changed from ‘Fostered’ to ‘Homed’ as his Foster Carer (Helen) just loves him soooooo much.
It was great to see so many of our recent Adopters & their new Hounds, many stocking up on the essential Greyhound fashion accessories. For some, it was their first visit to the world of the ‘Extended Greyhound Family’ – You were all welcome, we hope that you had a greyt time and that you met loads of similar minded people.
Let’s keep up the Greyt work of Hall Green Retired Greyhound Trust & we hope to see you again very soon!!!




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